large panels in the driveway of

Studio 3 - Leidschendam ....

Jardin des Arts 2009......

......a photographic impression


...... flanked by Ineke's collection 2009
















"Ineke's colourful world "






















visitors participating in a joint painting to be auctioned end of 2009 for the two India projects of 't Zijdeateljeeke












bodypainting by Frank Roks



impression of quilting




750 visitores enjoyed the qork of artists

15 artists enjoyed the interest of 750 visitors




artists at work



animated conversations ..... and a moment of peace and quiet to enjoy the art and the wonderful weather






interview with hostess and host by Jaap Pleij









The donation box where people could donate for India..... and Indonesion wood sculptures, painted by Frank Roks.

These sculptures are sold for the India projects, bids at least € 15 per piece.

To be viewed on the Open Days in December 2009.







a quick rest with all this art around...



The catering chaps...

All drinks and snacks were offered by the hosts, with an invitation to donate for India....







amazing cooks? .... or amazed cooks?




at the end of the day the artist's supper



And do not forget : in 2010: Jardin des Arts-2 on Sunday 11th July




... and counting the proceedings by our wonderful help during the day. €500 was donated for our two projects: child labour abolition and the Home for the Elderly. Manu thanks on behalf on the RIDE organisation and the Mahatma Ghandi Home for the Elderly in Tamil Nadu, India!(for more information, click the links on the Home page)


't zijdeateljeeke - exclusive scarves