Ineke Voeten-van Oers (Roosendaal) always had a hang towards creativity. At the age of twelve she won a contest by building a scale model of the Old Town Hall of Roosendaal. From a young age she participated in various creative workshops. 

She's designing silk scarves and necklaces and various creations in clothing (not necessarily restricted to silk). Presently she is a student fashion design (4rd year) at an art academy.

All her products are handmade and handpainted. This makes each piece unique in colour. There is no identical piece in her work, which guarantees exclusivity.

Ineke Voeten-van Oers designs in her workshop in Roosendaal, The Netherlands.

Apart from her activities with silk, Ineke has a large interest in creative design. It encompasses photography, film, textile designing in the broadest form, painting, ceramics, hat design, but also restoring antique furniture and furnishing dolls houses.

The brochures of the flying museum in Seppe was from her hand.

Before she started her fashion design study she founded her own company "'t Zijdeatelier" (which means "the Silk Workshop"), she studied fysiotherapy, did a Bachelor's degree in Spanish, including PR, marketing and communications. She taught Spanish for Beginners and Psychology at a People's University. She was formerly employed as a representative in the pharmaceutical industry.


't zijdeatelier - exclusive scarves and creations